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Key Cutting

We cut all types of keys for your home, business or car

We provide professional Locksmiths services in Ottawa that are reliable, responsive and suit to your needs. We have comprehensive key cutting services for your home, business or motor vehicle, our professional locksmith service will ensure they satisfy your individual security needs. For several years we have been helping people, to protect the people you love, your premises and the possessions you value most. You will never be disappointed once you put your trust in us.

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Our key cutting service

We maintain exceptionally high standards and offer a variety of key cutting services. If you need a replacement set of keys, or need emergency service which required keys to be cut onsite, then we are here to help. Our fast service will help you obtain copy of your key in minutes. We provide key cutting services which are Cut to Code and is great for:

  • Spare houe keys
  • Padlocks
  • Automobiles
  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Storage units or sheds
  • ... and more

The whole process of creating spare takes about 1-2 minutes with the use of our automated, calibrated machines, which ensures a duplicate key is prepared with high accuracy. Depending on the kind of key, we hand finish the key to get rid of any rough edges. This is usually done for various reasons:

  • Provide proper finish to the new key ensures that the key when used inside the lock does not leave any scores or imperfections on the leavers inside the lock.
  • In deburring cylinder type keys or keys with pin tumbler; if key is not polished properly, lock can cause issues with tolerances or reliability of that lock.
  • Our business is built on Professional, Dependable, Fast and Courteous Service. We have a fully owned equipped workshop. Please visit us. We are located in the West region of Ottawa, Ontario.